Thursday, February 5, 2015

Elegance - Making Life Easier

It's been a new year with past ideas and dreams left behind and taking new steps to fulfil new hopes and dreams in the horizon. As I get older, I feel I need to streamline more, as I feel there seems to be more and more demands made on my time.

Looking back, I truly relished the earlier days of my youth, where time was abundant and I could devote a lot more time to a project, a goal or whatever caught my fancy. I smile upon reflection and was glad I seized those endless summers.

Elegance is something that I continue to strive for. There, however is less emphasis on how I look (still decent and as casually beautiful as much as possible) but rather in the choices I make - and how I do things.

Decisions has always been something I hate making.

It's been a year of narrowing choices and simplifying. I have to figure out how to live my life more elegantly. I may have to cut down going to the supermarket on a whim, or simplify my meals so that I can eat better and healthier but not compromise on my enjoyment. I will have to declutter more so that I don't have so many things in the house to manage...that sort of thing.

Elegance requires thinking, planning, simplifying and making tough choices. It is a harder one, but overall, it actually makes life easier.

P.s. I may be moving Elegant Letters here. This would be my first attempt. It would make life easier to manage and also users can opt to come here anytime they like. Hope that all of you have been well! Love, Eunice

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