Sunday, January 4, 2015

Elegant Education: Learning Languages

Hello from Hawaii!

I'm writing to you during my break as I take some time to re-evaluate and plan the rest of 2015. It has been fun. Do you have some new exciting goals? Learning a language would be a good one. I can speak and write English and Mandarin. I can understand Cantonese and Hakka (my grandmother's dialect). And I've attempted several times over the years at learning French and Japanese. I do want to go back to learning this languages at some point...

Anyway, here are some good reasons why learning a language is a good thing!

Excerpt below:

This is your brain on language
Although learning a new language will undoubtedly take time and effort, there are benefits besides ease of international travel and the ability to order authentic foreign dishes.
Studies show that studying a new language improves cognition, delays dementia, and improves memory and attention span.
Knowing another language can also fundamentally alter how we see the world.
Researchers have found that our language can influence how we think, how we orient ourselves and even how we see colors.
And thinking in another language can even enable us to make more rational decisions.
A 2012 study found that thinking in a second language reduces biases that influence how risks and benefits are perceived in decision-making.

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  1. What a timely post, as my husband and I both have taken up learning French through the app Memrise. I am so proud of my husband for expanding his interests and mental capabilities and it's good incentive to me to keep improving myself as well. I am blessed to be in a marriage where both parties seek self improvement and support each other. :)