Monday, December 10, 2012

Take Time to Be Inspired

At last, I have a break from work and school (I teach).

I assumed I would get started on projects I've vowed to start, such as overhauling my wardrobe once again and getting rid of things I don't love, clean out my make up drawer and wash all my make up brushes, getting started on all my paid online learning programs/courses, read that book, update etc etc.

However, what I've found myself doing lately was to catch up on sleep and play Facebook games and read blogs.

I can be quite the workaholic at times but I've since realized that is a period of rest. I can't simply get on my computer and churn out dazzling work if I'm not fully rested and inspired.

Reading other people's blogs about beauty or ballet or about someone's interesting life has been my go-to lately for inspiration. I feed on visuals, pretty pictures and ideas. It has made me appreciate all the work that other people do, and it makes me want to work hard on myself. :)

Anyway, I hope however busy you are, that you'll take some time out to be inspired!

Happy December!
p.s. I'm thinking of adopting a bunny!


  1. Good afternoon, Eunice! I am a faithful reader of your blog and wanted to let you know that I appreciate each and every post you write for your followers. I understand the inclination to overwork many times; one can become so inspired and motivated by ideas and goals that it is difficult to strike a balance between work and rest! But rest will surely help a person be more productive overall. :-) I have had two pet rabbits, one a Miniature Rex and the other a "mutt" from a pet store. Rabbits have lots of special health needs and it's best to thoroughly research the breed you intend to adopt in order to know exactly what they will need. It can sometimes be hard to find a good local veterinarian willing to work with bunnies (they are usually referred to as "exotic pet" veterinarians), so having one lined up ahead of time will be useful as well. Rabbits are extremely smart and good-natured, can be housebroken, and make wonderful pets if properly cared for. :-) Just wanted to share some thoughts from my experience as a bunny owner. Thanks again for your blog!


  2. Glad to hear you are getting a rest - I am on a break from grad school and am enjoying getting into some good books I don't usually have time to read. Adopting a bunny from a shelter is a wonderful idea! I have had "house rabbits" most of my life and they make the most charming, endearing, adorable, and fun pets! Make sure to litterbox train and they can have free run of your house when you are home. My friends have always been so surprised and enchanted by my furry little friends.