Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Travel Elegantly on a Budget

Travelling is a great method of educating yourself. You'll learn more than taking beautiful photographs and bringing home a few shopping spoils.

Through travelling, you can learn about history and culture, sometimes a bit of a new language. You'll also be inspired by beauty (which I believe changes the countenance of your face i.e. grow more beautiful) and sometimes travel may give you a new perspective of life. All these contributes to the elegance of a person.

Being well-travelled is also a distinction of class.

Travel used to be quite inaccessible for most of us, and to some of us, it still is.

In my younger and free-er years, I used to make a point to take off whenever I can. I would accept an invitation to accompany a friend who worked as a buyer for shoe shops, and apart from visiting trade fairs in Milan, Italy, I would roam around the streets and absorbed the surroundings. I would also jump on the next plane to India to attend a wedding and party all week long as they do. I've also nested in a home-stay in the french countryside or join my family for a packaged (not an ideal choice for me) tour in Europe.

Now with more time and financial commitments at this stage of my life, it is a lot harder to take off. However, I've decided to still make it a point to go somewhere (good - otherwise you'll miss the point of travel - unless of course, all you need is a break).

I know I've written how to look elegant when travelling and about how you should match your bag when travelling blah blah .... yes, while it's true, but if you're on a limited budget, I'll say now on the record, that don't let 'not-looking-elegant-while-travelling' stop you! Try your best to match your bags (maybe all in black?) but more importantly, go see the world! Take your bestfriend, family, husband, boyfriend with you, though it is good to take a couple of moments to yourself to be inspired, to think, recollect, recapture.

You could write your memoirs during the trip, perhaps your new will change your life.

Now that we're on the topic of travel, I've found a few websites that allow us to travel inexpensively. I've never done it myself - but a few of my close friends have. I've done similar versions, but it's more like crashing on a friends' business trip or partially on a friends' vacation plans (of course by their invitation), or offering my home to them and taking them up on their returned favour. I've offered my place up to Hillsong church conference delegates for a nominal fee (just like AirBnB - see below) many times and making fun friendships along the way!

The best thing is to make many friends from all walks of life and countries and you'll get to see the world by traveling to each other's homes.

Here are the inexpensive-ways-to-travel sites:

Please note that using the services of these sites are not without risk, you have to take responsibility for your own safety!

  • CouchSurfing (offer your couch up for other travellers and they'll do the same for you)
  • AirBnB (similar to couch surfing except that you pay a little)
  • Onefinestay (housesitting though you pay for it - but living in a nice fine houses!)
  • Find a Crew (similar to WWOOF but you're on a boat).

Happy travels!

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