Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loving the skin you're in!

I wouldn't call myself a beauty junkie, though I enjoy reading about beauty every now and then.

I also enjoy the whole pampering process of beauty ... especially if I'm not the one pampering my skin. I enjoy facials, massages, trying out new beauty treatments whenever my pocket allows it.

I have a whole list of my favourite beauty products, such as Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, their BB cream amongst other things.

So, recently I was very lucky to be one of Estee Lauder's social advocates. That really means they give me their products to try and sample. Here is a picture of one of the campaigns.

That is me at the bottom most right. I don't quite feel like that's me though...hahaha, that's because I don't usually wear make up the same way the make up artist applied for me. I definitely welcome fresh looks!

The foundation to an elegant appearance, I've always maintained, is good skin. Though it is up to you to decide on what kind of skin care regime you are willing to commit to, there is no short cut! By that I mean, you can't just buy any sort of product, slap it on and will it to work. Neither can you just not cleanse your skin properly or ignore moisturizer and sunscreen and expect your skin to glow. You shouldn't rely on the opinions of your friends, but make an effort to see what works for you. Invest the time to find good products that works for you and notice the subtle differences in your skin. It takes a bit of work, but try to enjoy the process...especially for some of us who tend to be a bit lazy!

I always love hearing about my friends' favourite products and skin care tips.

Here is some of mine, a recent article I wrote about skin care, and the accompanying newsletter.

Any skin care tips to share? :)

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  1. Well first of all, best thing EVER is a proper Moroccan Bath and a good full body wax afterwards. You skin feels like silk for days, you clothes literally fall off you.

    But my regular skin care regime is:
    1. Face: Warm steaming in the shower, exfoliate with a wash cloth and then cleanse with an oil mixture (I use 1/3 castor oil, 2/3 sesame seed oil or extra extra virgin olive oil and some essential oils), leave it on for the duration of your shower and then wash off with warm water and close pores with cold water - then you don't have to moisturize, but if you feel you still need to 100% pure aloe vera - I always use oil-free foundation

    2. Body: I use a Moroccan bath scrubber or a loofa to scrub my body all over with a gentle moisturizing body wash (usually dove) and then when my body is still wet I apply baby oil and then pad dry. Further moisturization can be used in extreme situations like WINTER or when tanning.

    My general rule is GO NATURAL, and OIL. And...I live in Egypt, the oil thing still works in the summer, you just have to stay cool until it all absorbes, then you are okay to go.

    Disclaimer: I am a former MaryKay Beauty Consultant, and still swear by their products.