Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Happens When I Receive Your Email?

On the Subject of Emails

Thank you again for all your emails. Here is what I do with them:

1) I gather your questions and sort them out by subjects, which I might use for a future article.

It is just more efficient to do that, simply because I receive the same questions probably twenty times over. Sometimes, a google search on the top left hand corner on the page will help anyone find their answer...

I have difficulty managing the hundreds of submissions I get for my 'forum' category as well...

At least, I get to find out what are some of the more pressing issues so I still read all of them.

2) Why I can't reply to most emails:

Sometimes, it is impossible for me to reply because the emails are very long and detailed or very subjective ... and there are no right answers. Many of them are very personal and I do not feel qualified to give any suggestions, for I'm not a qualified counsellor or therapist. I also do not feel it is in my place to make a decision, nor risk anyone using my answer as 'a guide or the law'! I hope those of you who wrote me letters in this category will understand.

Other times, I feel my time is better spent for a larger number of people (and myself) when I spend time reading, writing, thinking, interviewing, researching. Everything on has taken more than 10 years worth of all that...though there are so many things that are not perfect and I would like to change.

3) Emails regarding my lack of good writing skills, different viewpoints, negative and bashing types

I read them as feedback, and try not to get affected. I welcome different points of view, afterall, is not my life, but just one aspect of me and my interests. It gives me an interesting perspective and occasionally, I use that as a springboard for new ideas.

I try to improve. I occasionally send my articles to a professional editor, but they cost me lots of money and all the articles I have written are for free. The books and the e-courses on the other hand, are sent to professional editors and each time they cost me over $1000. I have sent them in more than 6-8 times! Yet, I know there are mistakes. I budget a revision every 2 years (out of the site's earnings after deducting maintenance) for , so please forgive me if you see errors...please know that I built this site out of passion and a desire to live a life 'outside of myself'.

4) Lack of time

Apart from working on, I'm also lecturing in a community college, I also have a husband, a house to keep (no children yet, but soon). I also attend church, help out with children's ministry, see my family, friends and I try to read, go to the movies, cook dinner. I'm also involved in small family business. Right now I also dance five times a week and attend a weekly piano lesson. I'm forever working on becoming the woman I want to be...

So, there is not really much time to reply to most emails - I'm sorry about that!

5) Your emails are very important to me

I see them as a way to get to know you. Many of them serve as encouragement, especially when there are times I feel discouraged and ESPECIALLY, when I know I've not been perfect, or a good example. I'm also a person behind the site, not a company, so I see everything. I feel vulnerable to allow such accessible contact, but I know that it is important. I never want to lose contact with my readers. Of course, I feel bad not being able to give attention to everyone, so I created a Facebook page and a Twitter. In business school, they tell me to be more focused, and only do updates regarding my business topic; in this case - updates are supposed to be elegance.

I can't bear to do it, it's too much work, so I pretty much mix a little personal life with work...I just wanted to let you know in case you expect to see 'elegant tips' all the time! It is a lot easier to send a reply or a comment on Facebook and Twitter. In Twitter, it's pretty much nonsense about what I'm doing, where I am... is about Elegant Principles 

I believe in elegant principles. With them, and with the right values and beliefs, you will have the confidence to navigate your way through sticky situations. And you won't need me to customize an elegant solution for are better than me in knowing what to do!

I hope that will be one of the guiding pillars to anyone out there who needs a little helping hand....

Hope you all understand!


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