Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video Camera is Telling!

Gosh, have you ever had a perspective of yourself totally change when you saw or heard yourself in a recording?

That is me.

Recently, my brother fixed my macbook and I started to play around with the Photo booth function.

I decided to record myself, walking, sitting, standing and just going through every day motions.

Yikes, I look and feel ungraceful. So much for poise and grace!

Of course, we tend to be too hard on ourselves. But, I just thought there is a lesson to learn here!

We can always further and improve and edit. With our new smart camera phones, laptops, affordable pocket digital cameras, there's no excuse! Maybe all you need is an outlet and a reason - you could blog about your experiment, be your own self-critic, or just write in your diary about your video project.

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