Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Issue 24 Elegant Letters - The Importance of Art Appreciation

"Art is man's effort to produce the ideal," says Anna Morgan,

Australia '09

"It divides itself into as many branches as there are vehicles used. A beautiful house, a magnificent temple, a jewel finely cut and uniquely set, the mind and character of a man suggested by the sculptor's hand in plaster or marble of by the painter's brush on canvas, a rug rare in design and colouring, a chair or table the form and colour of which provoke our admiration, a song which is repeated by poet and peasant, each and all are works of art, vehicles used for the conveyance of the thought and emotion of man."

Hi everyone!

The latest issue of Elegant Letters was sent out to your inboxes a couple of days ago. In it, I talked about the many benefits of appreciating art whether it is the theatre, music or a great old classic book.

I've also tried to remove any misconceptions of Art appreciation. Yes, anyone can appreciate art. You may not know all of it, but art appreciation is about finding your place in art. What are you drawn towards? What are you captivated by?

That was how I started. I later discovered how they are all somewhat linked together.

I was inspired to about Art Appreciation after I watched Romeo and Juliet at the Sydney Opera House. It was refreshing! And the Sydney Opera House is always a kind of a wonder to me...

Read Elegant Letters Issue 24: The importance of Art Appreciation

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