Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are you the perfect dinner guest?

Hi everyone,

Pardon the late shout out but Elegant Letters, Issue #21 was published and emailed about 10 days ago. If you want to be the first to know, subscribe to Elegant Letters. It is published once a month and you can unsubscribe any time. I don't have time to send any other emails along with it too!

It was inspired by the novel by Karen Blixen, Out of Africa and its historical accounts which was turned into an award winning movie with the same name. Here is an excerpt of the newsletter:

I was reading a little bit of history of Colonial Africa, as depicted by Karen Blixen in her classic book 'Out of Africa '. In those days without phones, television, the internet and other entertainment sets and gadgets, at that time and in that place (Africa), conversation was a highly prized art. You could spend five days getting to see somebody, and when you went, you were invited to stay the night. You talked and so the better you are at conversation, the more prized guest you'll be.

I've also included topics of The Art of the Table, where I wrote an article on cutlery etiquette, featuring photos taken with my Blackberry of the cutlery I use to eat at home. That Blackberry phone has since passed away.

I also added Kate Middleton into our section of Elegant Women.

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