Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Search for an Elegant Ski Outfit

I missed ski season this year. I was in London at a conference and joined my family in Europe. My friends decided to go Austria this year and I heard it was so much fun. Unfortunately, I felt that the conference was a once in a lifetime thing and there were people who I wanted to meet. It was a case of "so near, yet so far."

I guess it is strange to be thinking about skiing at this time of the year, but it is winter and ski season in Australia! I sorely miss Mount Hotham, which is my favourite of all the ski mountains there.

It has always been one of my dreams of being able to design my own ski outfit. I my own way. I've worn non-ski clothes on the mountains, adding my own spin to it such as a belt and scarves or a furry little stole. But one day I hope to design a more elegant outfit for the beautiful snowy capped mountains.

I studied what people wore in the past (see pictures on your right) and it is not always true that their outfits were more elegant AND practical. At the very least, you could easily tell between male and female on the slopes. Now, it is not that easy unless the outfit is neon pink.

After browsing the web for pictures, I realize that even my last statement is not true

Then we had the one piece suits, which are may be elegant but not too practical, especially for us women. Also, why did they have to come in neon colours?

Here are some other dated pictures of skiiers.

Hmmm...not quite what I am looking for.

Though this picture of Brigitte Bardot is quite beautiful, I'm not sure how practical it is.

And these are my current outfits - I like them a lot but they are wearing out and are soon to be expired.

Lake Tahoe, USA
Mount Hotham, Australia

Does anybody else have examples of beautiful elegant ski outfits?

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  1. The Gorsuch catalog has beautiful,elegant ski clothes. - Melanie Snyder (sent to me via email)