Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Elegance Important?

This is written in response to my latest Elegant Letters :Is Elegance Important, How to do Chic.

Dear all,

Thank you all for your touching emails of encouragement! It really lifted my spirits! I'm sure it is exactly how etiquette, posture training got out-phased in modern schools today, compared to 50 years ago. Not everyone in modern society feels (whatever is) is relevant anymore, especially in democratic societies.

I'm not condoning a class society (I'm a meritocrat), I'm merely outlining my observations of what makes a person elegant and refined. I'm sure it works both ways - hard for my ex-university school mates to relate to my microscale website, and hard for me to relate to prestigious jobs which I left behind! Anyway, I'm glad for you all who can see past the 'superficial' side of elegance and understand what it means to be an elegant spirit. Thanks for being my inspiration!



  1. I love the term, meritocrat.
    Just started following your blog, and I agree and applaud your Elegant Spirit, from One Elegant woman to another,


  2. Hi Eunice,
    Great article...