Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class's New Book Cover!

New Cover

And so, finally, the paperback version is out! And it has a new book cover to match too!

Back of the book.
Book description:
A Guide to Class and Refinement
Authored by Eunice Leong-Tan

We may celebrate the diminishing social class system, but genteel manners are forgotten; gallantry and chivalry are abandoned.

However, there still exists an old ruling class who continue to operate with the same values, deportment and traditions. One can't help but admire the dignified and respectful way they conduct their lives. Even though they may no longer have their original fortunes, they continue to live gracefully. They are a society of the finest class.

In Becoming a Woman of the Finest Class the author presents a study of how one can acquire a similar appearance of gentility and finesse. She draws from her studies of the history of civilisation, nobility and aristocracy, and observations of the modern elite, to explore and dissect the mysterious qualities of class.
Of course, I'll encourage the ebook version - to save the trees and the earth.

Why I Wrote This Book

Simply put, I was put in an environment where I wanted to feel equal to people around me who were born with silver spoons in their mouth. I noticed the difference early on, and while I wouldn't say I was very different...I wanted a similar confidence.

That began a long journey of research, trial and error. I later realized 'this project' that I had undertook was really figuring out, (excuse me, for the lack of a better word or description), how people of refinement and 'class' behaved and why they behaved the way they did.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book - writing was my favourite part because I get to go through a journey back into time and relish every moment of discovery again.

The journey of writing this book

It was long, very long. That is besides putting all thoughts to paper and re-reading it countless times until the words don't register in the brain anymore. It was the process after the finished manuscript was that I didn't expect to be so long and tedious.

After writing the book, I used a professional editor, which I enjoyed working with. Together we straightened out the chapters, the flow of the book, the accurate meaning of words taking into account grammar, culture etc. There was not enough funds for the first book, Secrets of Elegance when I first wrote it and I used 3 amateur editors instead. Getting a professional one really made all the difference. I see that now.

Then I had a professional page designer (or whatever the accurate profession is) to professionally lay the book out to make it easy reading.Though it is just words, and I'll admit I thought to spend on 'professionally laying out text' was frivolous. Also, now being able to compare the difference between this and the first book. I'll also say that it was worth it. (I'm now revamping the first book).

I decided to do a single line text layout this time because it was three times the content of the first book. Plus, a thinner book is not only portable and handy and not intimidating to read, it was better for the environment..

There isn't a budget yet for a professional cover designer - though many people tell me that is vitally important.

While I was doing this, everything else took a backseat, work assignments, social life, travel, books, hobbies, my plants, house things ... housework took about a 25% quality cut (which I'm catching up now). I realize this now, that writing a book requires discipline and perserverance. It is actually great for character building, if any of you would like to try.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share. :) Thanks for reading!


  1. You are such an inspiration Eunice. I really like the fact that you let everything in your life take a backseat while you worked on something you believed in. All i can say is that it has changed my life, in the way i look at things, people, places, even material things and circumstances. Welldone for all the hard work you put into publishing this book too. I know without a shadow of doubt it will mean a lot to a lot of people..........when is book number three available.............haha. Lots of love and positivity Maria. xxx

  2. Thank you Maria for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

    And you're too funny, I'm actually planning book three! Though there's still much to do on with all new sections I've added...