Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elegant Letters Issue 15 and Do You Like Facebook Comments?

Elegant Letters Issue 15 should have been in your inbox by now if you have signed up. It is one of my favourite issues, and there are two elegant lessons in there!

I made a booboo and sent out that issue without changing the title and description in the mailing service that I use.

The repercussions of that are many emails of alarm. I think all should know by now of my lack of internet savvy.

I also take a really long time to figure out how to do web-stuff.

Like today, I spent half afternoon today trying to figure out how to add Facebook comments to this blog and! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure it out.

It just looked so fun!

Do you all rather comment using Facebook integration commenting or the regular commenting like this blog provides?

My dream is one day for to afford a full time web-savvy assistant to keep up with all these web and social plugins so that I can concentrate on developing elegant concepts. What a fantastic dream isn't it? :)


  1. I totally understand the technical challenges as well as the goal of using social media to grow your subscribers.

    I prefer regular commenting versus Facebook; Facebook is not very private and I try to avoid commenting on it as much as possible. Recently, I heard that Facebook can now take your photos and link them into their ads unless you change your settings. I am not very comfortable with any of that.

  2. That's right. I forgot how everyone can see your comments. Maybe that is why blogger does not have that option (yet?)

    I prefer to keep my personal Facebook private as well that is why I don't add anyone I've not physically met - maybe it's old fashioned to think of it this way but I'm compromising the privacy of my friends too if I add friends recklessly.