Thursday, March 31, 2011

Classy Conversations

I recently met someone whom I've admired for a very long time. I had great respect for him and his work. I thought he was a star. So when the opportunity came for me to meet him, I was excited and nervous. To my surprise, we became friends!

However after some niceties and over several cups of coffee, I had an inkling feeling that that was all to him. Worse still, I started to get disturbed and annoyed by some of his comments.

They bordered on tastelessness and inappropriateness. This is another lesson for those who have lots of money. Money DOES NOT BUY CLASS.

I put up with it by initially laughing it off, then making polite half-smiles to calling it out, "How is that relevant?" and finally totally ignoring it.

From being highly respected, he is reduced to being a turnoff. I do not look forward to being in contact, as much as I try to reason with myself that he lacked the privileges of having polished friends or an reasonable upbringing.

I know he is trying to be a gentleman because he asked for style help. Anyhow, this recent event inspired this post. By avoiding these inappropriate topics, we can maintain respectable conversations.

This is my list of taboo conversational topics that will cause anyone to lose class fast!

Inappropriate Conversations with references to:
(in no particular order)

  1. sexist or racist jokes
  2. sex
  3. nakedness, private parts
  4. egoistic statements, shameless self-promotion or bragging of any kind
  5. asking for favours (or reminding them of favours that they have done for you)
  6. lap dances
  7. red light districts
  8. cheating, affairs and viscious gossip
  9. unethical behaviours
  10. selfishness
  11. negative references to a woman's looks or wrinkles or weight
  12. money, salary, 'how much did you pay for this?'
  13. grades at school
  14. inappropriate comments to married or unavailable people
  15. shameless persuasion to buy a product/do something
  16. too-strong opinions on religion, politics, culture etc.
Anything that generally makes other people uncomfortable. See more conversational blunders.

I can't think of any more taboo conversations for now. Let me know if you can think of any.

Do you have a similar experience?

I almost feel sorry for that man who probably thinks I still think highly of him. (I do, but only in a professional way.)


  1. Great list. It's amazing how people will reveal themselves by their conversations. A few others come to mind: comments about people with developmental disbilities, both physical and mental. This refers to using the "r" word to describe someone with less intellect or making derogatory references about people with disabilities. Another would be people who make jokes at other people's expense and finally, and I am not certain how to put this, but people who feel superior to others who are poor or who work lesser jobs.

    I also heard a saying one time, and I can not remember quite how it goes but basically it referenced that you could tell a lot about someone by what they spoke about: intelligent people talk about ideas, average minds talk about things and small minds talk about other people.

    Love your blog.

  2. Good topic. I would be grateful for any advice about how to politely excuse my self from the company of tactless egotistical people.

  3. --Really do NOT know why there are so many men out there that show no talent nor taste for good conversation?? They say anything goes when it comes to Facebook, but r e a l l y, "potty moth" doesn't fit in anywhere in civilized society!!

  4. This may not be related to this but I was just talking to a gentleman that said all women are crazy. I personally get hurt when someone thinks this because I want to express that there are true ladies and polite women. I would like some advice to show these young men this truth and not to give up hope.

  5. Asking the price of something bothers me too, when someone asks, I say "I don't remember" which is the case.
    I'd like to add something which is so annoying to me. Revealing family secrets and quarrels between family members, and telling them to someone is soo annoying. Disrespect to family is something that makes me lose respect to that person too. I wouldn't like to be related to someone who doesn't have respect to his/her family, other families, and who doesn't have respect to privacy.