Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Art of Being Graceful

My dearest friends,

I've been planning this section for the longest time but I had to overcome self-doubt before publishing it on

You see, I was born with an awful walk. As a little girl, I had wonderful posture but for some reason, I waddled. Friends and family commented on it, joked that I had to improve that walk otherwise I could not win the Miss Universe pageant. (As a child, I was periodically called beautiful, or 'princess' hence the assumption I would go on to enter pageants.)

I'm not sure why I developed that walk around my early teen years. Maybe I saw that movement and thought it was cool ... who knows what goes on in an impressionable young person's mind?

I think the self-consciousness and awareness truly kicked in when all those fancy glass and mirrors became part of buildings and malls everywhere. I saw myself in the reflection and knew it was not graceful.

And so thus began my journey of learning how to move gracefully.

I studied movements of dancers, beautiful women and particularly actresses from old films. Do you realize how much more beautiful their poise and carriage were? It's astounding.

I tried to find videos and teaching materials on this subject but there are almost none!

I found some material in medical books and journals (which can be way too technical), the occasional pageant guide and books on acting. Also, those old books I found in London helped my research tremendously.

And so being the archiver that I am, I hope to get the juice of 'the art of being graceful' and archive the knowledge here on! Isn't the slogan of this old advertisement so true? "The Poise That Knowledge Gives."

This is an overview of the new section - which I will be adding more articles as we go.

P.s. I want to draw your attention to our elegant ambassador Audrey Hepburn who was so graceful yet light-hearted and happy and funny even. Sometimes I think our image of a graceful woman is too stiff and rigid.

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