Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elegant Letters 13th Issue - Elegant Lessons

Phew, I finished this month's issue of Elegant letters.

Elegant letters should be renamed Elegant lessons really. Because that is what it is all about. Every midmonth, I spend a day writing an issue to send out to my 1300 subscribers (at present). It is intimidating, to be honest. Usually, I spend some time thinking and meditating on what I should share each month. I usually add new pages to every week or so, so it has to be something really special for me to share.

Also, it's a good way for me to 'write back' to say I hear all of you. It is impossible for me to reply to everyone at this stage. I receive too much email in general (from my other jobs, projects, work etc). Because I want to spend more time developing the site - correcting my language, introducing new findings, expanding on important topics - I figure, that is where I should spend my time for the greater benefit of everyone.

The interesting thing is, I sometimes wonder if I would tire about writing about elegance.

But I've realized that elegance in a woman, doesn't stop there as what the mainstream media tells us - it doesn't stop at make up, hair, clothes. It is a long process of refinement, a studied life, a humble life, in quiet strength, balance, wholeness - all of those things. It is a philosophy of life.

I was reading my Bible the other day (as part of my daily devotional) and felt this verse was for,

For You, O God, have tested us; You have refined us as silver is refined."
- Psalms 66:10

In my heart, I believe the daily things and experiences I go through are 'testing' similar to the sense where you teach your child with love, because of the wonderful person you hope he or she will grow up into.

But I was so excited that God will refine me! He will show me the classiest way to do life and I can't wait to learn it and share it all with everyone.

There is so much to learn and I've got such a long way to go that I reckon, I'm going to be here for a very long time...and so will be. I must say I really enjoy the journey and I'm glad all of us are in this together.

Here is the 13th Issue of Elegant Letters. Sign up if you don't mind receiving a monthly email from me.

P.s. Thank you to all to recognize and appreciate the hard work put into, you guys are the stars and gems in my life.


  1. Eunice, you are amazing and have so much to give, the proof i am sure is with you, all the letters, emails you recieve. I think we all get complacent now and again about things in life. I as well as as thousands of other people log on to your website each and every single day, because you are an inspiration, intersting, and very sincere. Welldone, and keep up the fanastic work. You,re book is my bible, and your webpages are my daily devotional. Have a lovely day. Maria Jones. UK. xxx

  2. Aww thank you Maria. I definitely remember you! Your emails are a joy. :)

  3. I appreciate all of the time you put into this website. Your hard work really shows. Your site fills a niche that no one else really does; the fact that it is well done makes it stand out even more.

    I love this site because it is a wonderful reminder about the importance of being a lady. I think of elegance and being a lady as somewhat synonymous and it's refreshing to see modern day examples of elegance. Your site helps keep elegance as a focus and at the forefront in our lives.