Monday, November 29, 2010

My Struggle with Establishing New Habits

It is almost december! I will have to slow down my work on this month to focus on family. It is one of the busiest time of the year. It has been happening since mid November already. There are many weddings, new babies arriving, friends who are back in town...

But today an thought crossed my mind as I get more reflective towards the year end, and I thought I would like to share it with you.

Elegance is a habit. Everything that we do, say, wear ... the way we move, speak and write is a result of our habits.

To learn a good habit is hard. It takes time and patience.

To undo a bad habit and relearn a good habit is harder!

But that is simply the process of refinement.

Contrary to what some of you may think, I have not arrived. I am not YET the woman I want to be.

Here are some habits I would like to have:
  • a more elegant way of writing
  • saying more with less words
  • a better walk
  • a greater frequency of exercise
just to name a few. :)
This is not to say that I'm unhappy with other things that I've done. I've already celebrated the undoing and establishing of good habits.

"We first make our habits, and
then our habits make us."
- John Dryden

What are some new habits you want to have?


  1. I want to walk better too.
    To refine my voice.
    To hold cutlery in a nicer way!
    To keep in touch with people more often and get into sending notecards
    To dress elegantly and comfortably at home instead of looking too slobby
    To have nicer mannerisms and gestures

  2. Enjoy your time with your family. I am thankful that I have found your blog this year. You do such a beautiful job writing about elegance.

    As for habits, I am working on:

    -Slowing down so I don't appear rushed.
    -Dressing more elegantly at home.

  3. Yes, enjoy your time with your loved ones! It is the best investment of time (o:

    I want to be more tolerant of others and learn forgiveness. I have a bad habit of staying quietly angry about things and find it hard to forgive, despite the fact that others forgive and tolerate me!