Monday, November 15, 2010

Elegant Make Up Look


Elegant make up?

I like a natural and a fresh look with a little bit of eye liner.

What about you?

P.s. I'm collaborating with a professional make up artist to produce an elegant make up course exclusively for This will be for absolute beginners and it will focus on only pedigree classy looks. I will update again when the project is complete. xoxo.


  1. That's beautiful... I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming course! Do keep us posted!

  2. Looking forward to hearing that as well. At my age, I can't leave it totally natural, but do a simpler version when I am at home taking care of my son and more make up when I work or have errands.

  3. This is exactly how I wear my makeup. Light sheer-like foundation and powder, flesh colored shadow and a swoop of eyeliner across my lids. I tend to feel un-fresh if I wear more.