Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elegant Indian Wedding

Hello everyone,

Here are some pictures of the recent indian wedding I attended in Hyderabad, India. The experience was breath-taking. It was one of the most elegant weddings I've ever attended.
One thing that struck me most was how family-oriented Indian culture was. The wedding was celebrated over three days, and both families ate, danced, partied together. It was so fun, like a church camp. I felt so privileged to be able to attend the wedding. It was an outside peek into the exclusive world. Over the three days, I got to know many family and friends of the bride and groom and we became friends. The bride was a girl I went to university with in Sydney, Australia some years back.

I never thought much about saris before, even though I grew up close to some Indians. I have an Indian 'grandmother', whom I grew up around and my husband and I have some very close/best Indian friends. But the saris were luxuriously elegant. They were also very flattering for a woman's figure!

The best part about the wedding to take away was its family values. No matter where each respective family member lived, they made a point to get acquainted with their new family and warmly welcome them. They also made the effort to stay in touch and build relationships.

These are, to me, one of the most elegant values one can have.

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