Monday, August 9, 2010

What Kind Of Mother Do You Dream To Be?

In my recent study on Classical Education and its benefits for elegance, I've been going back to my old books in my personal library and rereading them again in new light.

Studying about how people and children learn has conjured in me 'motherhood dreams'. It makes me wonder what sort of mother I hope to be, dream to be.

This has led me to open up a whole new section on

I've been planning a section on Elegant Motherhood for a while now, but I feel inept in the subject as I am not yet a mother.

However, what I can offer is not an insight of personal experience but reviews from many far more experienced and inspirational women.

So anyway, like all things, every worthy section takes time to build... stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy Elegant Motherhood Stories.

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  1. Thank you for opening this new chapter. I have been reflecting on elegant motherhood for some time now myself. I am looking forward to any posts or comments on this subject.