Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You Have An Elegant Speech?

I was having lunch today with my in-laws and I noticed a father and his daughter sitting next to each other, having a very pleasant conversation.

They stood out in the midst of the rushing lunch crowd because of their smiles, gentleness and poise.

My father-in-law noticed them too. A few moments ago, he was within earshot while queuing. He told me he was very impressed by the way the little girl spoke.

She spoke very well, using correct grammar and tenses, asking and answering in complete sentences.

I would be impressed by her father, who held his own to speak to his daughter that way, I suppose starting her in good habits and spurring her on to develop these abilities. (Elegant Motherhood mental note!)

Like in all moments of elegant inspirations, I did a self-check and found myself to be far from where I would like to be. As far as speech is concerned at this point. I vowed to make changes...

An elegant speech is one quality of an elegant person. It is a mark of a refined person.

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