Friday, August 6, 2010

Elegant Motherhood

In my recent study on Classical Education, I've been going back to my old books, rereading them again in new light.

I've been planning a section on Elegant Motherhood for a while now, but I feel inept in the subject as I am not yet a mother. However, I've been reading these books for years, since I was a child because I was interested in education and learning. What I can offer is not an insight of personal experience but reviews from many far more experienced authors.

Also, if I might add... my family went through issues as well when I was young and when my mother left overseas to work for a sufficiently long period, I helped out in her role as mother to my younger brother.

If you are not yet a mother, you might still benefit from reading early into this subject and that will result in you being more prepared and not have to feel rushed to absorb all these new information and advice from just anybody who has an opinion. You can make your decisions now and be a better filter - you can decide on how you want to parent, what kind of elegant mother you'll become.

If you are an elegant mother, please feel free to share your experiences and resources by emailing me or adding a comment below. :)

What inspired me to pioneer a section on Elegant Motherhood?

One of our readers who wrote to me asking for more articles on Elegant Motherhood. She also felt it was impossible to be an Elegant Mother. She feels hurried, a lack of sleep, frustrations etc...

My reading today which inspired this post is an old book by Helen Andelin, All About Raising Children.

She says,

A generation of excellent children would have a profound effect upon society. We would eliminate vice, corruption, violence and most of our social problems. Instead, our youth would begin to build our country in a positive way. Our children would be our country's greatest wealth.
Another great quote...

"Our country's most precious possession is not our vast acres of rangeland supporting flocks and herds; not our mines and oil wells producing fabulous wealth. Our country's greatest resource is our children." - David O McKay

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