Thursday, July 22, 2010

La Paisible (the peaceful place)

In a world where 'bigness' is prized, where the 'latest' and the 'greatest' are sought after, and she who has accumulated the most toys wins, I've recently decided to go opposite and take the vow of 'fat-free' living and anti-materialism.

When I first became fascinated with Audrey Hepburn, I was surprised to learn while she enjoyed lovely things, but it never became her. This is evident even in how she decorated her house La Paisible.

La Paisible

It is rightfully known as the peaceful place. Here are my favourite quotes about La Paisible.

“At La Paisible, Audrey’s loves were few and absolute. There was the house itself, the gardens, the dogs, her boys, wherever they could visit…”

“..light airy house constructed with peach colored local stone, with french doors and windows, and beautiful rose gardens surrounding it”

“Audrey’s decorating style was low fat. White walls, floors, couches and clear accents of colour, blue, green and even orange.”

“There was something about Audrey and white.”

“It was a charming house, very simple and of course, everything was white. Wherever they went, everything was white. I thought that was so indicative of her. The car was white. Even the baby was dressed in white.

White wicker furniture, masses of flowers from the gardens, silver framed photographs of friends and family.

Instead of heavy duty antiques etc. Audrey’s La Paisible had the greatest assets money can buy – space, sunlight, peace of mind. Audrey decorated for herself, not for the image of world famous actress.”

Hours were spent shopping for, preparing and enjoying meals. Looser, a more textured English-type garden to the formal geometry of the french. “

“Dressing room adjoining her bedroom”

Audrey knew that you couldn’t throw something on and expect it to look good overall presentation was vital.

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  1. Beautiful home! 'Low fat decorating, never heard that before'

    Thankyou for sharing.