Monday, May 31, 2010

Ways To Improve Posture

I realized besides working a conscious effort to sit up straight, stand straight, walk straight, there are other ways of improving posture.

I’m wearing a back brace whenever I can, not so often now because I think my body has retained its muscle memory. I wear a lumbarwear (which looks like a girdle) occasionally, especially when I'm in cooler countries.

To have good posture, is to have a strong core. It consists of your abdominal muscles and back muscles.

I’m not too much an exercise person, you know the gym and the works. But I try to motivate myself by images of beautiful posture and try to get myself doing something.

So far, this is my plan.

I will try to go on walks daily, 10,000 steps a day to be exact.

Alternate my ballet routine and cardio exercises. Friends are always great company and distraction from the pain so I’m going to try to go cycling/play tennis/badminton/walking/exercise class with them.

Along with that, I hope to increase my intake of oxygen, fish, water, vegetables and fruits!

Hope you are having a finer time improving your posture than I am!


  1. I tried to find an adult ballet class in my area...but there are none for beginners... so what can I do... also I HATE work outs as well...

  2. I've struggled with that as well. Sometimes it would be helpful to contact the teacher. The other alternative is to do yoga or pilates. Or get a ballet instructional video.

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