Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elegant Hats

Hats are almost always elegant.
I'm always inspired by elegant hats.

I had to make a trip to Seoul to do some work for my Elegant Woman project and was unable to reach my computer. It was a very busy but pleasant trip. I’ve never walked so much before but it was good! I don’t walk enough since I learned to drive.

Travelling is always a good experience for me because I come back inspired.

I’ve got many emails to attend to for now but I shall leave one note. I pay tribute to the hat.

I rode the subway in Seoul and I noticed that the older Koreans still wore hats. I applaud them for that. Sad but the casual generation have done away with hats, which I feel has a dignified elegance.

Whenever I am in Melbourne, Australia at my shop, I sometimes see this too. Older men wearing a coat and a hat – a different styled hat though.

I can’t help but wish I grew up in the more elegant times. When media did not influence us as much as old family traditions. Manners and kindness were taught to us by our family, the family church, teachers and respected care-givers. While media is great and mostly noble, there is no one to help us sift out clutter and keep only good. It will be up to us therefore, to develop a disciplined and stringent selection and taste and instill it in our young loved ones until they grow independent of us.

I apologize for this blurred shot. I took this picture too quickly. This is in Seoul.

Images 1. Chanel, 2.Harper's Bazaar 03/10, 3.can't remember sorry! 4.Harper's Bazaar 03/10

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